Today while I was walking down the street I saw the Tumor Man again.  The Tumor Man is a begger that sits somewhere along the Vatican wall and begs.  I call him the Tumor Man (not to his face of course) because of the four or five large tumors that are growing on his scalp.  Sometimes beggars fake such things, but these are real, you can just tell, they are too real.  Now that I write about him I realize that I have never taken time to find out his name, something I should do because everyone deserves the dignity of a name, even if the person is a poor beggar.  I am sure when he was born his mother did not name him Tumor Man.

 I wonder when he was little if he ever thought he would end up begging around the walls of St. Peter’s?  What a life, it must be such a degrading thing to have dreams, and then to watch them disintagrate one by one.