I think one of the best things about Europe is the yogurt.  Anyone who as tasted European yogurt will agree with me.  Those of you who have not had this opportunity are missing out.  There is nothing like it in America.  Its so thick, and tart, and just plain creamy goodness.  I like to take my “yogurt bianca” with a teaspoon of honey stirred into it.  The combo of the tart and the sweet is other worldly. 

 And it is just little things like that, thinking about combining tartness and sweetness that you find the enegima of life.  We cannot taste the sweetness unless there is something tart right along side.  We cannot enjoy happiness until we have been sad.  Plain yogurt by itself is too tart.  Honey by itself is too sweet.  But combined together you can enjoy both to the fullest extent.  Perhaps this is how our sufferings become our joy, because without our sufferings joy would seem too sweet.

 Who knew that you can philosophise over yogurt?