I think maybe this could be counted as a kind of holy sport. It involves picking a person I see at a bus stop (while I am on the bus) and saying a Hail Mary for their intentions. The goal is to pray for as many people as possible before the bus pulls away. I was thinking that if each moment of our life is completely in God’s plan (and it must be), then every person we see must somehow fit into that plan. There just aren’t random people on the street in God’s plan, he is a very detailed conscious God. So either they or I come into “contact” for some reason. So I am going to pray for them!

I encourage all of you to try this weird form of prayer, its very satisfying. You can help save the world one person at a time. And just think, someday in Heaven you’ll be able to talk to that person and find out just how exactly that prayer helped! What a lot of fun!