I am off to a bridal shower in a little bit! I love these parties, in fact, any party that involves chatter and fun conversation is brilliant in my book!

I tend to steer clear of the normal gifts though, I like to bring something that is more personal than a salad bowl. Some ideas? Flowers are always a great idea! A lovely bouquet will be appreciated by any bride to be. If something pretty and blue is to be had it can make a good present too! A small blue pin, hairpin, purse, shoe clip.  Or something lovely for the new home! A beautiful vase or picture is always appreciated. Better yet! If you have already received your invite to the wedding, have it framed and give it to the bride! Save the electric mixer gift for the actual wedding and bring something more personal to the shower!

If I were a bride, I would be ecstatic to receive a pair of these earring at my shower.  Lilyja has many more beautiful items that could work too!