Soft boiled eggs on buttered toast with salt and pepper= comfort food! If I had thought to take a picture before I started eating, I would share with you. Now all that is left is a crust, and you probably don’t want to see that.

To make the perfect soft boiled egg: put egg in a sauce pan of water and bring water and bring to a boil. Once water starts simmering set timer for three minutes.

After the timer has gone off pull the egg immediately from the boiling water. The heat from the egg will continue to cook the insides as you prep your toast. This is the trick! I would always overcook mine because I would pull the sauce pan off the stove, but leave the eggs in the still very hot water. They would continue cooking at a much faster rate than if the egg is removed completely from the water. By the time the toast was finished they would be practically hard boiled. If you have the toast ready when the eggs are finished, I find that the eggs are still a little too runny. They need that minute-ish of time on the counter while the toast is toasting.

Crack the top of the egg and scoop the insides out onto buttered toast. Mmmmmmm. If you have fresh chives you can put a little on top as a garnish, but its not necessary.

Are you hungry now?