Via The Johnsons Cook

Lent is almost over and I have started thinking about everything I am going to make during the Easter Season. These are amazing, they will make you swoon. If you find yourself on your deathbed because you overindulged in these don’t blame me, I warned you.

I heard the recipe from a friend, I am not sure where she heard it, and its really simple. I found the picture by googling Oreo Truffles, so other people have made them before too.

1 package Oreos
1 package cream cheese (softened)
Chocolate chips

Blend/crush the Oreos until they look like dirt.
Add in the cream cheese and blend until smooth.
If necessary chill until you can form balls out of the oreos-cream-cheese mixture.

Melt your chocolate chips in a double broiler and then dip the balls in one by one. Lay them on wax paper. You can use any kind of chocolate chip: white, dark, semi-sweet, milk. Or you can coat them in coco powder, or powder sugar.

Then let them chill a little bit (or not). Then eat them. I assure you not one will be left. They are addicting. Make sure you have friends over when you eat them, otherwise you might eat them all yourself.

They taste like truffles, but they are not. (I like making truffles too, these are just a lot less involved. Perhaps not as refined, but so good who cares?) Or I guess they still are kind truffles, because they look like a truffle. Who knows? Make them! Eat them! Enjoy them!

The first time I had these was in Rome, Italy. They were made by painstakingly buying package after package of Oreos out of a vending machine because it was the only place they could be found at the time. It was so worth it!