-I am an Easter person! Allelujah! I love everything about this season!

-Every year I have this scene in my head of Mary Magdalen running through the wet grass to the tomb on Easter morning, a crying hysterical mess, her beautiful hair completely tangled, and her eyes red and swollen with crying. The hem of her dress completely soaked with dew, the skirt clinging to her ankles as she walks, and the wet leather of her sandles. And then the complete joy when she recognizes her Lord. It makes me cry to think of of it! What makes me laugh is to think of her arriving in front of the apostles, the same crazy-haired mess, out of breath from running, hardly able to formulate a sentence. And she says over and over again “he’s alive, he’s risen! he’s not dead! I’ve seen him!” The apostles looking at each other and then at poor distraught Mary thinking, “oh, dear, the stress was too much for her.” Then tired themselves and worn with grief they soothingly say to her, “yes, Mary, of course Mary, yes we’ll go to the tomb with you, okay Mary, let me grab a cloak.” And then to each other, “maybe she’ll calm down if we humor her.” What joy awaited them!

-I must be getting old because the thought of too much Easter candy make me feel sick. . . but I’ll still eat another Cadbury egg.

-Baptists came to the door on Easter Sunday and tried to save me. Me flustered + ham that needs to be taken out of the oven + need a review of my Bible quotes = epic fail on my part. At least I let them know 1) the Jews revised their canon in 70 a.d., pulling out the books that showed how Christianity fulfills Judeism; its the same canon Martin Luther used, hence their Bible isn’t the same as mine 2) I am Roman Catholic 3) I invited them to come to Mass 4) I wished them a happy Easter and told them I wasn’t prepared for theological arguement. Why does evangelization make me flustered? I get so worked up when people try converting me because I feel attacked that I can’t say anything coherent back.

-I made garden boxes for the back yard. Pictures to come.

-My brothers fixed the lawn mower and mowed the lawn!

-Allelujah! I can say it again! Allelujah!