There is a trend that is irking me right now in photography, overexposure. I don’t mind a little here and there to add emphaisis or draw the eye to a different part of the picture. But really people? Why are you overexposing every single shot? Its like people think they can take a regular boring picture and make it hip and trendy, except they start relying on the overexposure to make the picture, not the subject itself.

Come on people, use a little backlighting, or try different filters. Or better yet, don’t use anything, become such a good photographer that you don’t need to rely on overexposure and tweeks to make your picture interesting. Let me see some more movement, or less movement. No more fuzziness!

Similarly, what is up with the old poloroid look? Yes, it looks nostalgic, but everyone is doing it, and I find that annoying.

Anywho, sorry for the cranky post, but there it is!