So last night I went and saw Midnight in Paris:

I give this Woody Allen film all of three stars. PARTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! The basic plot line is that a writer finds himself on midnight adventures where he is magically transported to the 1920s. I found the dialogue lacking in some parts of the movie. I did like the portrayal of the many different literary characters. Hemingway was my favorite by far! And of course I like Marion Cotillard, and her character was interesting. (I found it amusing though that once again she is playing a character in an American film that has an strange obsession with living in a alternate reality.)

I agree with my roommate that for the most part the movie made it seem that Americans are pretty despicable, unless you are an ex-pat like Fitzgerald or Eliot, or trying to be an ex-pat like Owen Wilson’s character. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge EU fan, I lived there for three years! However, I do feel that a certain amount of patriotism is required, and the portrayal of all the modern Americans (the Rachel McAdams character, her family and friends), just made Americans look snotty and “pedantic.”

I did enjoy the slow pace of the movie, sometimes movies move so quickly they seem frantic. And I did love the period scenes and the all the beautiful shots of Paris.

In the end, I don’t think I would ever watch it again, but I wasn’t horribly disappointed.