I forget who I was talking to the other day, but I had a conversation about humans and their exploration of space compared with exploration of the ocean. Humans have a natural draw, I think, to space. There is something about finding the source of our light, visiting the stars, and finding others that are like ourselves that makes humankind want leave the safe cradle of Earth and go into the vacuum of space.

Blanket Octopus by Steve Hamedl

Blanket Octopus, Photo by Steve Hamedl

But on the other hand, most of Earth’s oceans remain unexplored. I would think that the dangers of venturing into space far outweigh the dangers of the Ocean. And yet there seems to be a kind of fear of the Ocean that does not exist with space. The source of this fear, I think, is the knowledge that there is no light, and we will not find anyone like ourself there. We know, a human like race does not exist under those vast waters. I think the most interesting difference, is that unlike space, the ocean is TEAMING, with life. Humans continue towards the stars looking for microbes of life, and yet we leave the Ocean practically untouched because we know we will not find our image and likeness in its depths.