This morning I could not for the life of me find my hair comb. Now, I have long, very straight hair. It never gives me trouble, ever. I usually just run my fingers through it and go: this is possible because it doesn’t do anything besides be straight. It is truly a blessing.

Oneida, Dover, Salad Fork: Inherited from my Great Grandmother

However, when it is wet that is a different matter. It must be combed, otherwise the water will stay in my thick locks adding a headache of waterweight that will never, ever dry. When you don’t have a comb, and only minutes to run out the door and catch the bus, what can one do? Hello, Little Mermaid, may I use your fork? Mine was an Oneida, Dover pattern, salad fork, stainless steel not sterling. I think next time (heaven forbid I have to repeat this experience) I will use a dinner fork, the funky prongs on the bottom of the salad fork were a little painful.