I personally hate PowerPoint presentations. They are so dull and so pointless: if someone has gone through the process of putting all the information onto paper, why not hand me the paper and let me read it? Instead, people insist on reading what is presented before you. The presenter points at a slide  and then reads for you: “the next step is creating a strategic plan.” Thanks, I could have read that off the slide myself. You must have forgotten that I know how to read.

Another reason I hate PowerPoints is because the pictures and graphics are usually boring and horrific. Where do they find these stock photos? In my mind these words are going through my head: Are her bangs feathered? Where did you find someone with feathered bangs? Was this picture even digital? Did you scan something you found in a buried file?  Why is there a picture of a man holding a tape recorder, couldn’t he just use his phone? Seriously, why do the words have to spin around like that? Can’t they just appear when you move to the next slide?

So, the point of this whole gripe is. . . I was very happy to hear that Switzerland is going to outlaw PowerPoint. Well, I think I exaggerate a little, I am sure they are not going to storm into office buildings and check cars at the boarder for PowerPoint. Read all about it here!