Rachel McAdams in an adorable dress during an interview in the movie Morning Glory

If there is an item in the woman’s professional clothing closet that is too often overlooked, I think it is the dress. Dresses are amazing. In less than five minutes (If you are the smart kind of person that either (a) irons clothes when they come out of the wash or (b) is like the French and throws things on wrinkled and doesn’t give a hoot what other people think. Besides, wrinkles add texture, and they’ll fall out after five minutes in the VA humidity anyway. Can you tell that I am more of a (b) person?) you can be standing in a complete outfit without ever having to think of what you just pulled over your head. A minute later, after your groggy morning brain computes the color and style of the dress, you can accessorize with a belt or scarf, or cool jewelry. 30 seconds later the right pair of shoes and viola! An outfit! A few quick twists and bun pins makes an up-do (if only we lived in the days of hats to cover bad hair, with a little luck Princess Catherine will fix that problem for us) and out the door goes the dress, grabbing a cup of coffee on the way and maybe a slice of toast because it saved so much time. I have a high regard for skirts and tops, and pants and tops, they are like dear friends to me, but they will never beat the dress for ease of getting ready and simplicity.

Picture above from here.