I got a kick out of this article. Wearing a curtain? And why? Well, I suppose I know why, for the attention of course. However, what I found really funny is the brief mention that Lady Gaga thinks she has a mermaid alter ego.

A Mermaid by Waterhouse

I may have a new-found respect for Lady Gaga if she chose this alter ego because 1) mermaids have always had a dark aura surrounding them in fairy tales, 2) a mermaids song is considered deadly, the siren song 3) mermaids are known for their unusual attire 4) traditionally mermaids aren’t very nice, even Hans Christian Anderson recognizes this. Why would this make me respect her a little? Well, it shows some degree of knowledge of the image she gives the world I think.

But if she chose this alter ego because she is thinking of a red-headed Disney character. . .