This was an eye opening book (for me at least) on China, and after reading it I wonder how anyone could ever think that Communism is a good thing. For that matter, how anyone could commend China and the “advances” they have made while they’ve crushed will of their own citizens (I am thinking of a certain State of the Union Address).  I can’t say the actual writing was phenomenal, but the true story was interesting.

After reading it I realized that I don’t know anything about China. . . just that is Communist (which is bad, but its got to have more of a history than just Communism). . .so now I am looking into a couple books on Chinese history. Considering that the population makes up 1/5 of the world (I think) it would be a good country to learn about.

One thing did stand out, was the pride of the Chinese people. That is not a part of Communism, that is Chinese.