The past few days:

-Dear young people of London, shame on you! Sounds like you all need to be sent back to the nursery for a lesson in manners.

-My roommate and I hung pictures around the house, it looks so cozy!

-There was a trio next to the Ballston Metro Station: two violins and a cello. They were playing Canon in D. It was so lovely! I wanted to stay and listen, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to miss my bus.

-I did make my bus, but then when I got off the bus, I was caught in an unexpected downpour, without and umbrella. Completely soaked would be the best way to describe my person when I arrived at home. I should have stayed and listened to the music. Lesson learned. Always stop to listen to the music, smell the roses, drink the coffee, or enjoy whatever good thing happens to be at had so long as its not detrimental to health, soul or someone else’s schedule.

-While we are on the metro topic, the machine gave me $5 in coins that looked like the picture below. I felt very european with a pound of change in my purse. I prefer paper money, its easier to work with and carry, and I don’t ever think Americans will take to the $1 coin, its just not us.

-I am reading Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge, its good, but I am frustrated with the main character. Read it and you will see why.

-I have been delighting in lots and lots of watermelon. And smoked salmon. And garlic stuffed olives. And tonic water. I like plain tonic water, its really refreshing when its hot outside.

-My mint plant has come back to life, I guess it likes the front porch better than the back porch. Either that or it couldn’t take the excessive taunting from the basil. Anyway, its happy now.

-Went with a lovely group of friends to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the Mall for Screen on the Green. Fun! We had the best picnic by far. . . I don’t think the other picnickers knew there was a competition, but they lost. 🙂

-Tonight my roommate hosted a group to watch the movie The Swan with Grace Kelly and Alec Guinness. Its really sweet and the costumes are are a lot of fun! Apparently it was Grace Kelly’s last film before she became a princess. (I stand corrected, that would be High Society!)