I have never had caviar. I’ve always wanted to try it, and now I might have a chance! My roommates and I are planning a soiree on Saturday, and we decided that if we were substantially under budget, we could buy some caviar to serve. This is going to be fun.

So I started my research with a trip to Balducci’s in Old Town Alexandria to see what they had to say. Carlos, the guy behind the counter, explained all the different types and how to serve caviar. It was a lot of fun! Did you know caviar is eaten off of mother-of-pearl spoons so that the metal taste from normal spoons doesn’t interfere with the taste of the caviar? Caviar spoons look like this:

Aren’t they pretty! I think I would buy caviar just to have an excuse to buy the spoons. You would use these spoons to eat the caviar straight from the jar, chilled of course. It was at this point I remember that humans are weird. We eat chilled fish eggs from a jar with a fancy spoon and call it a delicacy?

Back to the caviar though. There is imported and domestic. Black caviar comes from sturgeon. The red kind from salmon. Since I can’t afford the $120 per oz. kind, Carlos suggested that I serve a lesser grade domestic caviar (at an affordable $55 per oz.) with Creme Fraiche to make it last longer and serve it on crackers. Sadly, mother-of-pearl spoons would not be involved. Mixed with Creme Fraiche it would look like this:

Finally there is the salmon caviar at $9 per oz, I am not sure I like the looks of it, it looks like the power bait my dad used to fish with. Carlos said this is usually just used as a garnish. And when he said that this scene flitted through my mind: