A dear friend of mine brought this adorable espresso cup back for me from Rome. Its from the Sant’Eustachio! A cafe I would have frequented multiple times during the day if I had lived close enough and had enough spending money while I was living in Rome. They make the worlds best cappuccini, EVER.

Without further delay. . . cuteness.

Look! It has finger dents, so that you don’t have to worry about losing one precious drop because the cup slipped out of your fingers!

It was wrapped in their napkins! I think I always had two or three of these floating in my purse while I was living in Rome.

The bag it came in! I am not going to spare you any details. Plus it has all their contact information on it! If you want to learn more about the actual Church that is next door and the saint, click here and here. Also, yes, the deer’s head with the cross is also on Jagermeister bottles. The deer’s head with the cross harkens back to the ledgend of St. Eustace (Sant’Eustachio).