I will wear white. It’s because I am a rebel from California living in the Southeast. I’ve noticed that there are some hard and fast rules about dressing on the East Coast and I am amazed how diligently some people follow them. Two stick out in particular. 1) No white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. This rule seems to mainly apply to shoes, pants, dresses, and suits. Seersucker material is also included in this rule. I don’t quite understand this rule, it can still be really hot and humid out here until late October, why on earth would I give up my cool breezy clothes? 2) Always wear stockings. They call this professional. I call it torture. Please tell me why I would wrap my legs in nylon when the humidity is at 75%?

Coco says "Vous pouvez porter le blanc toute l'année!"

If you want a little more history on the “no white after Labor Day issue” this article from Time helps explain some of it. It doesn’t explain why to this day people insist on following this rule. I like following etiquette rules, I think they are fascinating and useful; but these are two rules I just don’t understand.