Confession, I really don’t care for Missioni, so I am not really too upset that Target is all sold out of whatever it was that they were selling from the Missioni line. I just don’t get the whole stripe thing. . . and zig-zags, or the whole Missioni winter collection while we are on the topic. I admit I’ve seen a few scarves that I liked, they added a nice little touch of color, pattern or texture here and there; but at the same time, I could live without it. Most of it just reminds me of those lonely couches you see sitting by the side of the road, you know, the sad, orange plaid from the 70’s.

Picture via HERE

“Gasp!” You say, “Fie on you for not liking Missioni!” To which I reply, “The only reason you like them is because someone told you to. They have an excellent marketing program.”