I’ve been falling behind on my reading, mainly because right now I am trying to plow through Muir’s Wilderness Essays. Bless Muir for being the explorer he was, but his essays are long, highly detailed, and a little boring.

The last thing I read was Richard Carvel by Winston Churchill and it was a great read. Its starts in pre-revolutionary America and continues right through to the end of the war. The hero is everything a young man should be and then some. The story includes: pirates, chases, escapes, true love. . . no giants though. . . sorry.

Fun fact: Winston Churchill the author is not the same as the great English PM, Sir Winston Churchill, however, the two men are contemporaries. Apparently, after some of his work was accidentally attributed to the PM, Winston Churchill the author wrote the PM and said that because he was older he should have first claim to the name of Winston Churchill. After that the PM always included his middle initial S (for the Spencer family).