• Sales Associates are very helpful- but not pushy
  • I’ve never been abandoned in a dressing room
  • Its always a clean and friendly enviroment
  • Clothing is always tasteful
  • Clothes are never in messy heaps on tables that you have to dig through to find your size
  • Displays aren’t overwhelming
  • Prices are decent
  • When you check out they always comes around to your side of the cash registar to hand you your bag instead of making you reach over the counter
  • And now. . .

Nordstrom’s keeps the holidays in their respective season! Personally, nothing disgusts more than a store that is catering towards Christmas in October. I just can’t handle Christmas frou-frou until after Thanksgiving. Even then that is too early because the Christmas season is traditionally (before retail grabbed it and ran) after Christmas, not before. And then seeing Valentines displays a week after Christmas makes me gag. Don’t get me started on the poor Easter bunnies that show up around February 15.