To eat lunch with a cloth napkin and real silverware. (I did this for about a month, yay me)


To use trays, for everything. And to put flowers on trays. (Yes, I used trays all year, and hopefully I’ll continue to use them)

To begin learning a new language. If I only learn the articles by next year that is fine. (I took a French Class, yay me)

To begin to learn cello (this one has made the list three years straight, we’ll see if it happens.) (Fail. But I have found a cello teacher)

To return to Europe (to any country for any time at all). (Went to Poland!)

To study Chinese history. (Fail. But I did start a history of Russia, can I get brownie points for that one?)

To read a complete newspaper everyday (preferably the WSJ), not just the comics and picture captions. (Half fail.)

To read fifty-two (52) books in a year (the year before last I came short by four books. How lame is that?) (The grand total came to 20)

To write one real letter each week. (Haha, fail)

To actually cook breakfast once a week, during the work week. (Mmmm, kinda)

To go to the theater four (4) times in the course of the year. (Yes! Made this one, Firebird, Nebucco, A Christmas Carol, and Suite Surrender)

To memorize one (1) poem. Doesn’t matter how long. (Nope.)

Not to count how many times I go to the gym in a week. (Yes, totally did this and I picked up Ballet again!)

Not to eliminate an entire food group for the sake of some diet. (I gave up wheat for a while.)

Not to exhaust myself by trying to get up at 5 a.m. for no reason. (Yes! Sleep, a resolution I can keep!)

To make sure when I leave the house (for any reason) my hair is combed, both my shoes match. And that I am (preferably) wearing lipstick (chapstick will suffice). (I kept this one I think, and now I own a lot of lipstick.)

I think that is it. Bring on 2012!