My latest addiction is Pinterest. I resisted for so long and then I finally signed up and now I am hooked. I was starting to get frustrated with myself because I would spend so much time flipping through the pretty pictures, organizing them onto boards.

Then I read a clip that the creators of Pinterest wrote, I don’t remember the whole thing, but it said something to the extent of, “Pinterest is supposed to goad you to do more things, not sit around and stare at the computer.” I am pretty sure they did not use the word goad, but you get the idea.

“That’s right!” I told myself. “Now you are going to delete this account unless you start using the ideas that you see posted. Starting now. If you can’t come up with something to do/make/create this weekend, because you saw it on Pinterest, I am closing the account.”

So myself desperately flipped through the section I have reserved for recipes and whatnot. She found a recipe for Irish Cream. I let her make it. It’s pretty amazing. We’re keeping the Pinterest account.