I thought it might be helpful to post meatless meals each week to give you inspiration for a Lenten Friday meals. I am going to try and make these meals Vegan (without eggs, dairy, fish, and meat) so that anyone in the Eastern Rite will be able to use these as well. However, I will include meals that may use olive oil, so Eastern Riters beware, but I am sure you will know what to substitute for olive oil.

My goal is the post a recipe on Wednesdays so that you have a chance to buy supplies on Thursday and then prepare the meal on Friday. This week I am a little late simply because I had my brilliant idea over breakfast this morning.

Note Bene: if you are not Catholic you might like to participate during Lent in abstaining from meat on Fridays, it’s a good will-power builder (trust me, its seems as soon as you can’t have something, it appears right in front of you) and it’s a heart healthy thing to do.

The first meal is The Pioneer Woman-Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps. I am going to be picking up the ingredients this afternoon to try it out. Since I haven’t tested this meal yet, I cannot vouch for how good it will taste. However, I can vouch for the Pioneer Woman, I have yet to try something of hers I didn’t like! In the future I will try to make sure I’ve tried the recipe before I share it!