I love hats, I always have always will. In recent times my love of hats has induced me to wear non-sunhat type hats to Mass. I figure if Princess Catherine may so may I.

If you want to learn more about hats, this is a brilliant post on millinery by This is Galmorous. Not only does it cover hat etiquette, but also introduces some of the finest milliners in the world, and, of course, has fantastic pictures.

I think most people don’t wear hats because they feel conspicuous and are afraid of what other people will think. My own rule is this: I have never seen a woman wearing a pretty hat and thought “why on earth is she wearing that?” I usually think, “where did she get that, I want one too!” Perhaps people think that people think the same thing when I wear a hat? And maybe, just maybe, seeing me wear a hat will give them the gumption to wear one themselves.

Picture Source: thedoctorscloset.com via Trena on Pinterest