Um, so what happened to all the pretty gowns for the Oscars? (I don’t have a clue what awards went to whom, I just want to see beautiful clothes.) Where did they go? Where was everyone? Was it just me or did it seem like there were a lot of people missing? But I can’t really say who . . .am I missing something? Was there a bigger party somewhere else?

Anyway, Penelope Cruz was wearing a lovely dress, but it wasn’t fantastic. And Sandra Bullock was wearing an interesting dress, I can’t say it was my favorite ever, but I did think it was interesting. And Natalie Portman was also wearing a pretty dress, but once again, not fantastic.

And so I ask again. . . what was up with the Oscars? Seriously, I could come up with some better dresses. . . maybe I’ll be a stylist.