I usually don’t delve into what I do in my everyday life on this blog too much, but I thought I would let you know that I am going to try to run a 5k. There I’ve made it public. Maybe now I’ll stick to the program. Anyway, today I finished day two of this program.  Let me tell you, for a girl who hates running with all her being, it wasn’t bad. Maybe because the first week only involves 8 minutes of running? Perhaps.


There is a lot of walking in the program right now. I am hoping that somehow I will magically become one of those crazy people that just LOVES running. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that say things like “oh, I just can’t wait to go for a run,” or “I went for a run today and it was so amazing!” When I get done with my allotted 8 minutes of running imbedded in 20 minutes of walking I say, “I feel gross,” or “I am pretty sure I never want to do that again, I am going to stick to yoga and walking.” But maybe, just maybe if I keep pushing through . . . I’ll start to like it. Like people that convince themselves that they like brussels sprouts.

(Which is another topic entirely, however, why is it they always say “brussels sprouts aren’t bad if you do x, y or z to them to make the palatable.” Even people who like them have to smother them in something in order to gag them down. Have you ever heard of anyone eating just plain brussels sprouts? seriously, have you? I haven’t. So why not just eat brocoli or spinach instead?)