I think it’s called March Madness because they let crazy people like myself, pick out a series of winning teams and then bet on them. What, you want to hear how I picked my teams? I am so glad you asked!

Well, first off I knew Lehigh was going to beat Duke because Lehigh sounds more like a basketball kind of name, and Duke sounds like boxing. Put your dukes up. See? How could they win against a team from Lehigh? Now if they had been named Lelow, I probably would have said Duke was going to win.

Then I said all the Ohio schools were going to get through the first round because their state touches Indiana and Indiana is where basketball started. I am pretty sure if your state touches Indiana some kind of magic rubs off. However just because teams were from Indiana didn’t mean they were going to win either. Notre Dame I nixed because they have Touchdown Jesus not Swish Jesus. And I am prejudice against Perdue because one of my good friends loves Notre Dame, so I nixed Perdue as well (that was one of my few bad ideas, I should have kept Perdue, sorry Joannie).

If you’ve made it to the end of these short paragraphs it can only mean two things 1) my reasoning process makes sense to you or 2) you haven’t been able to turn your eyes away from page is because it’s like looking at a mental train wreck in motion. However, that is all beside the point. It is March Madness, and my bracket is doing well!