I don’t usually touch on politics on this blog. But as we speak Obama’s healthcare is being reviewed by the Supreme Court and I cannot begin to emphasise how important it is that this bill is ruled as unconstitutional.  As Justice Scalia stated today: “If the government can do this, what is left? What else can it not do?” If this passes and the government can force people to buy into this plan and opens the loophole for the people of America to be forced to buy into future unknowns. What else can they force us to do?

I am always amazed at people who will pitch a fit about war, taxation, the DMV, the postal service, pink slime in food, FDA rules, failing schools, bad roads, corrupted politicians and yet they are totally willing to let the government take over their healthcare. It befuddles me completely. Do you think they’ll magically care all the sudden because your health is in jeopardy? So you don’t trust them to stop shooting people in a war, but you do trust them to care about your medical needs? Um, because they won’t. Did you not see that road construction around the corner that has taken forever that is being funded and directed by the government? Now imagine them getting seriously mixed up in your insurance. Are you scared? You should be.

And my objections above are just reasons the government would be bad at taking care of your health insurance, nevermind that it is unconstitutional, wrong and dangerous for the government to be privy to so much more power than it already has.

To top it all off, if you are a working member of society, you are going to pay for this. Literally. Think this year’s tax return was bad? Wait until you are funding everyones insurance. If we really are the 99%, then you better believe the 99% will fork over what is due.

So I ask you to a moment, maybe two, and pray that the Supreme Court will uphold our freedoms as American people. I agree that the healthcare system does need some kind of reform. I agree that healthcare is expensive. But this is not reform, this is a usurption of power from the people.