Source: via Trena on Pinterest

Well, friends, it’s been a year. Actually a little more than a year. A year since I resuscitated this blog. It took a little CPR, but I think it worked. I started Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican several years ago while I was living in Italy. But my occupation at the time didn’t give me any free time, and the internet connection was unreliable at best. But for some reason, I decided to bring it back to life last year. It lives!

I am still amazed at how many people click on this blog everyday, and that I have readers all over the world! Apart from the USA, the biggest followings are in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and Spain! The Republic of Korea is right behind this group.

You may also see a little tweaking over the next month or two of the format. Just trying to keep things fresh and neat.

Here’s to another year of favorite things and thoughts! Thanks again for reading!