I think the new Pixar film Brave is going to be some adaptation of the fairy tale East O’ The Sun & West O’ The Moon. I think the first time I read this tale was when I was about ten. I had checked a picture book of it out of the library. And then I was never able to find it again. I remembered the basic plot of the story, but I couldn’t remember the title and everyone kept trying to tell me that the story I was looking for was Snow White and Rose Red and I kept insisting that it wasn’t.

Fast forward to college when I was doing research for my thesis on fairy tales, and low and behold! I found the story! I knew I could remember a plot line! (I still haven’t found the picture book though.) The story has Scandinavian origins, but it did get over to Great Britain eventually.

I really hope it’s this story! I would love it! And if it isn’t, well, someone should use this fairy story for a movie!

Update: I found the picture book! It’s on Amazon. I think I might buy it for old times sake.