Let’s talk toast. So I burned my toast this morning. It always seems so wasteful to throw it away, so I ate it, but I scraped the burned parts off first. And then I choked because it was too dry to swallow. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and my obituary, “cause of death, choking on toast.” That is not the way to go. As a result of this incident I am rethinking my toast rules, if its burned, and we are not in the middle of a famine, I am throwing it away since it is a potential safety hazard. What do you do when you burn/over toast your toast?

When I lived at home I wouldn’t have felt so bad because the burned toast would have been fed to the chickens, and they eat anything (according to my Dad). Actually, they will eat anything except my Dad’s experimental pickles (which had more salt than the dead sea) and a cake I frosted when I was 15 (it was too pretty to eat, so it sat in the fridge for a month, I guess chickens don’t like stale cake).