I decided to take a peek at the stats! Here are the top ten search terms people use to find my blog:

1) Coco Chanel (Coco is number one! I wish she had been no. 5 just for the irony of it.)

2) Grace Kelly (My role model!)

3) Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican (Yes, those wonderful Sacred Monkeys!)

4) Immaculate Conception (My patroness!)

5) Maria Tallchief (Childhood ballet idol.)

6) Ruby Slippers (Red and sparkly!)

7) Coco Chanel Old (Why old?)

8) Dovima (Model extraordinare.)

9) White bottoms after labor day history (Oh, those old fashioned rules! I once own a pair of white trousers. I ruined them after a week using the Italian public transit system. After the week they were grey. Poor trousers.)

10) Maria Tallchief Firebird (Her greatest role ever. She was the Firebird.)

Picture via 50yearsindance.com