Friends, I am inviting you to join me and my fellow Americans as we pray during these next weeks for the continuation of religious freedom in the United States of America. The current government administration as taken it upon itself to propose laws that specifically targets Catholics and Catholic institutions to act against our beliefs in regards to our stance on the preciousness of life in the womb and the dignity of a woman’s body.

It was established by the founders of our country that we were to always have certain freedoms, freedom to practice our religion being one of them. In fact, if you take a little history lesson, the first colonists in America were seeking religious asylum from the oppressive English rule. To try and force a religious institution (and I say try because we will not act against our beliefs) to act in a way contrary to what they believe is neither right nor just.

You can find more information here.  You can also read the blog posts of two of my friends, here and here, they are much more eloquent on the issue at hand and I feel that I would be foolish to  reiterate what they have said.