I think I am going to start keeping a list of all the fancy, shmancy restaurants I want to visit someday. Right now the list includes:

1) The French Laundry 

2) The Inn at Little Washington

3) Resturant Eve I almost went to Restaurant Eve a year or two ago. A friend and I decided we were going to commemorate our birthday’s (which had occurred three months previous, I might add, but it seemed like a good excuse to us) so we called and asked if we needed reservations for that evening. When we were told no, we didn’t need reservations, we dressed up and headed over. When we walked in the somewhat snooty maitre’d told us that we did need reservations, and “did we want to have dinner in the bistro instead?” I think the only seating they had left was at the bar. Um, no. So we went right next door to the Grape and Bean for an amazing cheese platter and a few glasses of wine. But someday, snooty maitre’d, I am going to eat at Restaurant Eve!

4) Noma (The world’s best, and in Denmark, so cool!)

But, if you are looking for something in the price range of your average, middle class individual living in the DC area, might I suggest. . .

1) Brabo Tasting Room Get their famous mussels in white wine and butter sauce with a glass of dry white wine, they are amazing. Be sure to order extra bread for sopping up the sauce.

2) Bamian Afghan Cuisine Yummy, yummy, oh-so-yummy middle eastern food.

3) Four Sisters  Amazing Vietnamese food, and they always have beautiful flower arrangements – a feast for eyes as well. Go with a few friends and get the set menu, it’s a bargain.

4) MoMo Sushi! My roommate and I just discovered this place last week. We were pleased with the cosy atmosphere, the service, and the food!

5) 2Amys The best Italian food I have had outside of Italy. The restaurant even feels like Italy!