The daily commute to work isn’t so bad when there are interesting things to see. Take this morning for example, the SUV in front of me had the best bumper sticker EVER. It said: Love People. Feed them tasty food.

Then I drove by Regan National Airport, where the runway is practically on top of the George Washington Parkway. There is nothing like a close encounter with a jet to get your adrenaline going in the morning. Especially when it looks like that jet is going to land on your car, and then doesn’t. Every time I see those planes landing I remind myself, it’s going to land on the runway. And every time I freak out for 5 seconds because I am sure it is going to miss the runway and land on me. This morning I freaked out yet again.

Then there was the girl in the bright purple dress riding a pink Vespa. And we’re not talk’n about any pink Vespa, we’re talk’n about a pink Vespa with a pearl finish. It made my day.