The Olympics are well underway, to my knowledge. They’re not over yet are they? The little ticker on Yahoo tells me that the US is head-to-head with China for medal counts. Go USA!

The little ticker also tells me that Michael Phelps has made the history books, Gabby is America’s sweetheart, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted not to sit in the royal box, and Mrs. Obama paid some flabbergasting amount of money for a jacket. I clicked on the bit about the Duke and Duchess because I wanted to see what the Duchess was wearing. . . and of course it was cute (as opposed that jacket Mrs. Obama wore, never mind the price, it just didn’t do anything for her).

I honestly thought I was going to be following these games more closely, but I was wrong. That is one of the few downfalls I can think of when it comes to not owning a TV. You don’t watch the Olympics. But that’s okay. . . I’ll live, pretty sure.

However, I don’t know if I’ll live without that red blazer Princess Catherine is wearing.

Image Source: via Trena on Pinterest