There is a painting that was bequeathed to me when I took possession of my office. The frame is battered, the colors are dull, the subject matter of the picture is stale and unmoving to me. To top it all off, the picture is much, much too small for the wall it is hung on. However, despite all that, almost everyone that comes into my office comments on how beautiful this picture is.

It has me completely baffled. I don’t really like it myself. I am just afraid to get rid of it because everyone in the office seems to be so attached to it, and seems to think I should be attached to it too. Plus, I don’t have anything I want to put on that wall yet, I have ideas, but nothing concrete.

Perhaps I will reach up, take it off the wall, and hand it to the next person that says they like it.

And this concludes my random thought of the morning. Have a great day!