Friends, I ask you, how have we already come to October? Fall isn’t even in full swing and everyone in the office keeps regaling me with stories of thick chestnut husks, extra fuzzy caterpillars, buckets of acorns – all apparently portends of a very, very bad winter. Sigh. I liked last winter, mild and warm. Never once did I fumble at the back door trying in vain to put the key in lock because my fingers were numb with cold (and don’t tell me to put on a pair of gloves, the gloves cause just as much fumbling)- something I did time and time again the winter before.

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

However, I will not turn my thoughts to bitterly cold days. Instead, I will focus on the best part of Fall, or one of the best parts, Fall clothes! Blazers, wool, and sweaters, oh my! I am particularly happy to see the striped-floral trend carrying over from summer. It maketh me happy!