Image Source: via Trena on Pinterest

I need new suitcases, my old ones are so battered and beaten that I am sure they groan when they see me coming to pack them. I get really attached to my suitcases, they’ve been all over the world with me! So before I toss the old ones out I have to be really excited about the new ones. (Don’t you love the polka dots above?)

I have a rule that if I can’t carry it all by myself up a flight of stairs, it can’t come with me. It is a good rule – esp. for a woman. I did a lot of traveling alone, and I never felt stuck because I knew I could get all my luggage on that Roman metro train by myself when it made its ten second stop. Or I could make it to the hostel at the top of the hill without worrying about how I was going to get my luggage up there. Granted, it meant I had a very limited wardrobe for three years, but it made life easier.