My days have been full of unrest I tell you, WETA, the classical radio station here in DC, is having another pledge drive and my commute is fraught with John Chester telling me strange stories about his childhood and promises of the amazing adagio CD that can only be obtained with a monthly pledge of $10 for a year.

Source: via Trena on Pinterest


I really want that CD, I am almost ready to make the monthly pledge just so I can hear one of the pieces all the way through. Part of the strategy is to play portions of the CD and then encourage listeners to pledge so that the CD is theirs to listen to in its entirety. Very effective. I now spend my commute wondering if I can justify $120 for one CD. Of course its more than just the CD, it is also supporting the station, but I wish they would just sell the CD. I would totally pay $25 for it, and I bet a lot of other listeners would too.

Anyway, I am clearly a victim of first world problems.