Sandy is a come’n, the Frankenstorm, supposed to blow through sometime today. Everyone has work off, which is so nice! My roommates and I stocked up on essentials – popcorn, coffee, flowers, ice cream, hard apple cider, movies, books, knitting, small projects, comforters. We’re set!


I love the way people name storms around here, Snowmegedon, Frankenstorm, the Derecho, etc. It must be an East Coast thing. Growing up on the West Coast things aren’t really given names, that I can remember. A date maybe, or a description: the quake of ’89, ’94, the flood of ’97, or “that time a tornado blew through Napa.”  Or if there is a fire, it’s named after the location, like the Pondarosa Fire. Nothing fanciful.




I am just so sad that there is the possibility that the rest of the orange leaves will be blown off the trees. So sad. (You can see the glow of my computer reflected off the window!)