I have to say, traffic this morning was the best its been since that one still week in summer when all the interns leave before school stars again and everyone else is grabbing last minute vacations on the beach. Everyone is voting. Go team America! I voted absentee this year because I was supposed to be in CA right now – thanks hurricane Sandy.

And I tried to dress patriotically this morning – and that turned into an epic fail, color wise I mean. Red stockings with fuchsia heels and a black dress. Very Kate Spade – but not the red, white and blue scheme I was hoping to achieve. I forgot that I threw out my pair of blue flats this summer and didn’t remember until I was fully dressed and ready to head out the door.  And I didn’t have the guts to wear my über sparkly, über high, blue heels. But I did have the nerve to wear red and fuchsia together. Go figure. (I wish I had a picture to complete this, sadly it wasn’t possible.)

Perhaps after reading this you are thinking I should have more serious thoughts on my mind today than what I am wearing. And I do. I’ll be praying and fasting all day today for the election outcome – you should too.