Source: via Trena on Pinterest

Isn’t the cowl above just awesome? (This pinterest link above will take you to the pattern.) I think it would be perfect for Saturday morning errands and evenings in. I am going to try making it once I finish the never-ending baby blanket that I’ve been knitting for the past 100 years. Honestly, I think there is a little gnome that unravels a few rows every night.

But here is some exciting news!

Jill from Dulce Domum is going to be at a craft fair at T.C. Williams HS in Alexandria tomorrow. Jill is an amazingly talented quilter, seamstress and artist. Do you remember these invites I had custom made a while back for a bridal shower? Those were made by Jill! Be sure to check our her Etsy shop too. . .

And then Maggie Perry of Ten Thousand Places has revealed her new jams for this season! I have been known to eat her jams straight from the jar, they’re that good. Actually, now that I think about it, I almost always eat her jam straight from the jar. . . even if I am putting it on something, one or two spoonfuls unadulterated jam make it to my mouth without fail. Her Esty shop is here.