I haven’t been reading anything new for a while, a combination of excuses – to busy to find something, all the somethings I did find were boring and depressing, John Muir’s Wilderness Essays have been sitting on my nightstand and feel like I should finish them before I pick something else up but they are just so dull.

But while I was in Poland I read two books, one on a train and one on a plane.

Lancelot by Walker Percy, I read on a train. Like most of Percy’s stuff it was Southern, dark, and disturbing, but it was fascinating. (As a rule I don’t read Southern literature in the winter months, I just can’t handle it, but I made an exception for this.) It is about a man, Lancelot, who discovered the infidelity of his wife and subsequently goes crazy. But then again the main character may be the Percy, the man who Lancelot tells his story too. Read it and find out. CAUTION: this book is for mature audiences only, don’t hand it to your teenager.

The Mating Season by P.G. Wodehouse, I read on a plane. A lovely bit of silly, witty fluff involving Bertie Wooster and his man Jeeves. If you’ve never read anything by Wodehouse I suggest you find anything by him and read it. All his work makes me laugh out loud – which can be embarrassing when you are on the Metro surrounded by other people.