2012 was an awesome year! I can’t believe it is already coming to a close!



What are you doing for New Year’s? Last year I kicked off 2012 in NYC! It was so much fun! This year I am going to spend New Year’s curled up on my cozy couch with a little flute of bubbly – I think I am coming down with a cold or something and flouncing around in a frilly dress in 30 degree weather doesn’t sound like the best of ideas. I’d rather not kick off 2013 with the flu. (This leads me to believe that I have matured a lot. I remember a time in college when I went skiing while horribly sick, my rationale was I could either be sick on the slopes or sick in bed. The end result was the world’s worst sore throat. But I did have a blast. . . )


Tomorrow I’ll share my resolutions for 2013 with you (I would now but I haven’t made them yet! Maybe I should resolve not to procrastinate?)!

Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!