2013 is going to be a big year for a lot of people, and companies: Aston Martin (the car company of 007 fame) is celebrating it’s centennial! I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t gone to see Skyfall the other day and fallen in love with the vintage Aston Martin that Bond pulls out of storage. Naturally after the movie I googled Aston Martin and learned a little about how the car and company came about their name.

Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin started the car company Bamford & Martin Ltd. in 1913. At that time there was a race of sorts called the Aston Hill Climb – challengers would try to drive their automobile up the hill, approximately 1000 yards (not very far). I am sure it was thrilling – back then. Anyway, in 1914 Lionel Martin took one of his prototypes up the hill successfully! Yay, Lionel! That automobile prototype was registered in 1915 as the Aston-Martin, commemorating the sporting trek up the hill.

The company itself wasn’t renamed until 1926, but not before Bamford & Martin Ltd. had closed in 1925. Aston Martin Motors Ltd. was formed in 1926 by investors, and they’ve been running smoothly since. I have to admit I feel a little sorry for Bamford . . . but now you know the rest of the story!

Image Source: astonmartin.com via Trena on Pinterest