Austria 159



It’s deathly cold outside, which means today must be the March for Life. Even though a week ago we had warm weather and a week from now it’s supposed to be 50 degrees – today will be freezing, with temperatures dropping into the teens later this afternoon. It is always mind-numbingly cold for the March.


But that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people from standing up for life. Have you ever seen hundreds of thousands of people all in one place? It’s beyond impressive. And these are just the people that could get off work, live close enough, and could physically brave the cold. There are so many more. (Don’t forget the Walk for Life in San Francisco Tomorrow! Go if you can!)

There are 55,000,000 people that will never have a chance to walk up Constitution on a bitterly cold Friday afternoon – because those 55,000,000 were aborted.  And I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that if they could be with us today, come hell, high water, or the chance of frostbite, they would be walking up Constitution with us. There is not a single doubt in my mind.