Well, yesterday was pretty much horrible. Like a mad tea party, only there weren’t any riddles. Let’s check, yup, it was so bad even the Pope decided to quit.

Warning – rant ahead:

I would just like to say, when you call an admin with a complaint, be kind. We admins have to put up with so much madness. People call us and chew us out for things way beyond our control; like the weather (true story). We admins usually can handle irate callers when they are coming from the people we expect (you know the deranged kind that think they have a chip implanted in their arm somewhere and they tell you so within the first 15 seconds); those phone calls make great stories. But some callers back you up to the proverbial wall and then proceed to shoot you with the proverbial bullet that is intended for someone else, well, it’s beyond unbearable, not to mention demoralizing. I am not a voice on a phone, I am a person, and I have feelings.

Moral of the story: if you have a bone to pick, pick it with the right person. Otherwise you might end up with a dead messenger.